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With so much going on at your farm, it can be difficult to properly keep track of and charge for all of the services you provide.

ZimpleMoney makes it easy! We help Barn Owners:

  • Automatically collect recurring board payments, lesson package fees, and apply late fees when necessary.
  • Add itemized or one-off charges for vet trips, hauling, farrier visits and more!
  • Manage purchase agreements for horse leases, horse purchase financing, and breeding finance agreements.
  • Store documents in the cloud, such as board contracts, liability waivers and Coggins documents, horseman liens and more, all in one place!
  • Store notes and contact information within individual accounts, such as last deworming, behavioral habits, feed schedules, turn out schedules and any other pertinent information. 
  • Better serve their customers with a convenient portal where they can review balances, make payments, and access notes and documents.

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