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ZimpleMoney was designed to help people and businesses manage and track their loans and collect digital payments with ease. It’s simple, it’s automated, it’s trusted by thousands of people like you. 

Seller Financing and Loan Accounting by ZimpleMoney


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What type of loan are you tracking?

Track Any Loan for any Purpose with ZimpleMoney

Intra Family

Are you helping a family member start a new business, put a down payment on a home, pay for their education or consolidate debt? Track payments and simplify your record keeping with ZimpleMoney!

Real Estate

Do you buy and resell land? Do you provide financing to your land buying customers?  We automate your loan accounting, track and process payments, send payment reminders, improve collections and speed cash flow.

Business To Consumer

If you’re a business owner ZimpleMoney can help you track cash advances to employees, manage loans from personal savings, extend credit terms for customers, and offer financing and leasing options.


ZimpleMoney lets you track and manage your loan portfolio, modify digital payment amounts and due dates. With ZimpleMoney you can free up your time and focus on your business with our automated features and intuitive software interface.

Self Directed 401(K) / IRA

Are you using a self-directed 401k or IRA to make loans to 3rd parties or yourself?  ZimpleMoney has an automated  loan and payment tracking solution for you.

Estate Planning

Making loans from your trust to your kids or other relatives? Financing the sale of the family business to other family members? ZimpleMoney’s loan tracking software and online payment tools makes setting up and managing estate loans simple and secure.

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The ZimpleMoney Promise

Making loan accounting a payments simple

Feel Secure

Trusted by families, businesses, banks, credit unions, financial advisors, CPA’s and lenders of all kinds for one loan or a 10,000 loan portfolio; our products make loan accounting and payments simple, safe and secure. Manage your digital payments, seller financing and loan accounting from one place!

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Making loan accounting a payments simple
Do other things with your time besides loan accounting

Free Up Your Time

ZimpleMoney products and tools take the headache out of tracking loan payments, loan accounting, payment collection and reporting. 

Digital Payments organized in a hassle free way

Simple, Detailed, Automated Record Keeping

Ditch your spreadsheet for a tool that makes loan accounting less complicated. Manage, track and automate all your loans and digital payments in one place. 

Digital Payments organized in a hassle free way
Loan Accounting by Zimplemoney makes your life easier

Try Before You Buy

Your risk free trial starts with our Essential Plan. Manage one loan using our online Basic Tracker for up to six months.  It’s easy to get started!  

Simple to use, economical and responsive to any questions I have!

When it came time to automate our collection and accounting system for our ever-growing seller financed real estate portfolio I researched several options and chose with ZimpleMoney. Couldn’t be more pleased. Simple to use, economical and responsive to any questions I have. Keep up the good work! 

— John, Pittsfield, MA (ZM customer since 2021)

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Seller Financing by Zimplemoney

Why we created


ZimpleMoney was started in 2008 with the simple idea of offering Families, Friends, Businesses, Banks, Private Family Offices, Non-profits, Trust Companies and Credit Unions (really any two people) a tool to track a loan, automate accounting entries and process the payments online. 

Our mission is the same today as it was in 2008; ”Capitalize Life’s Passions!”  To us this means providing tools to help you track and loan money to people that are important to you.  It might be a family member, friend, or customer and client.  

Our mission encourages people and businesses to take greater control and ownership of their loan investments to help themselves and others. 

Today, we have products and services designed for banks, credit unions, trust companies, land buyers and sellers, independent car dealers, and private family offices.  We are looking for new online accounting companies and other partners interested in integration.  

Loan accounting, payment tracking, tax reporting are, at best, cumbersome for even the most experienced person.  ZimpleMoney removed the complexity and made loan tracking simple and cost-effective for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, a business owner, lender, lawyer, accountant or bookkeeper.

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